Marriage Equality

Dear ___________,

Last night the Marriage Equality Bill passed into law. I know you’re pretty excited about that.

As a Christian and a pastor, throughout the process I’ve wondered if there is anything I should do or say. I’ve considered making theological arguments, stating my “position” on a social networking site, and a couple of other things. In the end though, I reckon that I’m just going to write you this letter, because I want to convey how I feel, as well as what I think.

I’m not really a fan of apologising on behalf of others, but I do want to acknowledge at the beginning that there have been some pretty tactless and sometimes dumb things said and posted by Christians about this bill. I’ve read some of it and cringed. I do believe that constructive political engagement is possible for Christians (there’s an Anglican named Tom Wright who has written quite well about this) but in the world of “us vs. them” politics I’m not sure what that looks like. I haven’t particularly liked most of what I’ve seen when it comes to Christians engaging politically in any area, but I don’t exactly have any answers either.

I also realise that for the people who supported the Marriage Equality Bill this is a historic time. Socially and culturally I think I get that. I realise that in this environment, Christians who oppose gay couples getting married come off as killjoys, or if you’re really enthusiastic, bigots. I don’t think many of us enjoy our position on this issue, and sometimes – if I’m honest – it feels a little bit embarrassing. This is the world we live in, after all.

Having said that, I’d like to take a shot at explaining why I land where I do.   Continue reading