The Best Books I Read In 2014

I managed to get through a decent variety of books this year.

I finally read Volf and Girard, both of who felt better to have read than to read. Like always, I read McKnight and Keller, but I managed to read a little less from them than I usually do. In the end, these were the best books I read this year…

10. Community & Growth by Jean Vanier
A lovely, rambling book about what true community and commitment can look like. Written by a man who has given his life to other people.

9. If God Then What? by Andrew Wilson
I am more and more a fan of Andrew Wilson. Saying that this is an apologetic sells it short. It’s full of imagination. This is my current go to for non-church people wanting to know about God.

8. Ill Fares The Land by Tony Judt
The only non-theology book on my list, this is a fascinating history of (and case for) social democracy. Recommended to anyone interested in politics.

7. The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard Hays
While I absolutely did not agree with Hays on every point (does he really all but paint the Jesus of John’s Gospel as anti-semitic?!), this book is still a juggernaut. On almost any ethical issue, I think it’s mandatory to consult Hays.

6. Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill
This book is a gift to the church: a same-sex attracted Christian who has chosen to remain celibate, telling his own story, and advocating a historical Christian position on sexuality. A must-read for anyone with questions (or relating to people who have questions) in this area. So… everyone.  Continue reading