Why I Believe

YellowSign 002This week I received an email (along with a bunch of other pastors) from an atheist who seemed to be genuinely inquiring about why we believed what we believed. The person explained their reason for getting in contact like this…

I’m really just emailing to ask, what does religion do for you? Does it give you hope? Fulfillment? Purpose? Why is religion a good thing?

What a cool email to get!

Many of my friends and family are in a different place when it comes to these kinds of things. Some are religious, some aren’t. I’ve thought from time to time about why I’ve found faith to be such an attractive thing, so I appreciated the opportunity to talk about it, and I thought it might be helpful to put my response up here.

My reply wasn’t particularly planned, it was just my off-the-cuff response to this person’s question. Maybe that’s more revealing than if I had spent a bunch more time on it.

So, what is it for you that either draws you to faith in God or pushes you away? Here’s my answer… Continue reading